An affirmation is a statement of something that is true, to publicly show your support for an opinion or idea. When I wrote my book, Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to Navigate YOUR Care Giving Journey, I wrote an affirmation at the beginning of each chapter. It states what has become the truth for me during each step of my journeys of love in roles of care support. I share each affirmation to invite my readers into its consideration in their lives.

A friend of mine recently asked to read my affirmations, so I brought them together in one place – for the first time. She asked me to read them out loud to her. As I did, we both realized they collectively represented a single affirmation of the entire care giving journey. I didn’t change their order and I didn’t change one word.

My intention with Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to Navigate YOUR Care Giving Journey, is to help everyone in roles of care support positively navigate their journey, the journey of their care receiver, and the journeys of those who support them.

The Care Giver’s Affirmation

I’m always doing my very best with where I am at.  I find coping mechanisms to support me staying emotionally balanced on my journey.

This is my journey. Beliefs are my compass. Intention is my guide. Self-care is my fuel. I only get lost if I travel someone else’s journey.

I choose to care from a place of love.

I will never be alone. Help and care are all around me. I receive so I can give.

Massive acceptance and radical presence give me the gift of living each moment from its greatest potential.

The quilt of our lives tells our story. I create mine through the clarity of my experiences. When my care receiver can no longer create theirs, we create it together. We share its beauty.

When we step into the perspective of each other’s experiences, we create our meaningful mutual experience – with purpose and love.

I am created to thrive in life and feel great about myself. When I make experiences bigger than I am, I am who I am created to be.

~ Susan J. Ryan