My husband Jack & I as we began

Our Journey

of Love with Dementia

Are you in a caregiving role and feeling exhausted mentally, physically, or emotionally?
Do you feel like you should be doing more and aren’t sure what?
Are you overwhelmed and not sure what to expect next?

Learn to Positively Navigate Your Caregiving Journey

Best-Selling Book

When my caregiving journeys began more than 30 years ago, I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster – often blindfolded – and not knowing what to expect next. I was overwhelmed and exhausted.

The breadth and depth of my experiences led me to write Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey. Practicing these helps you provide your care receiver with their most positive journey, and keeps you emotionally balanced, present, and positive in yours.

My goal for writing Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to Navigate Your caregiving Journey, is to positively impact the lives of caregivers and care receivers on they journeys. I am filled with gratitude that the caregiving community is finding these messages valuable. Through their recognition, Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to navigate Your Caregiving Journey has become a best-selling book. I’m enjoying the process of recording the audio version of the book!

About Sue

My name is Sue Ryan. For more than 30 years, I have been in a variety of roles of care support as a daughter, wife, granddaughter, friend, and advocate. During my first experience as a caregiver, I was exhausted, frustrated, confused, fearful, and very disappointed in myself.

I kept feeling I should be able to do more, and better! I’m passionate about everyone feeling their best, and having their greatest experiences, so why couldn’t I do better with how I was helping my loved one?

I began searching for answers and learning from others who, like me and perhaps like you, began our journeys wanting to create the best experiences for our care receiver while struggling without answers.

Through professional speaking, individual, group and family coaching, and workshops, Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to
Navigate Your Caregiving Journey, invites you into the consideration of what I’ve learned from others who share the lessons
of their experiences and from my experiences. You’ll learn both what has and what has not worked for me and/or those for
whom I am providing care support. You’ll have options to consider in your experiences; I don’t tell you what to do! You’ll
have the opportunity to learn from the many stories and examples shared to give you context for your experiences.

A Few of the Lessons I Share Include:


Reducing our overwhelm through navigating giving, receiving, and asking for help


How massive acceptance helps us make wise choices in our lives and our caregiving


Why compassionate truth serves us and our care receivers so well


Learning who the best support resources are for different caregiving roles - and why


Discovering our boundary between OK and Overwhelm so we stay healthier


How to have the difficult conversations we would rather not have


What Others Are Saying About
The Journey Sue Shares

“I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Sue to our community and speaking with our population on the topics of caregiving and navigating physical and cognitive changes. Sue speaks with authority, is non-judgmental, and compassionate to the experiences of others. Several of our residents approached me after Sue has spoken and told me how much they loved Sue and the message she brought to them.

As someone who is still walking the caregiving journey, Sue is a beacon of light for those who fear the uncertainty that dementia brings. The message she delivers is one filled with hope, support and love. Her book, Our Journey of Love: 5 Steps to Navigate your Caregiving Journey, describes her experience and is a wonderful resource. I recommend her very highly for any endeavor she chooses to undertake.”


Christine Douangsouri
Social Services Manager, Bentley Village

We have known Sue for several years.  Jack and Sue came at first just to find answers at the Alzheimer’s Support Network. They then began getting support from the various groups and our team.

As Sue says: “I would not be where I am on our journey, and I don’t believe Jack would be in as great a place as he is on his journey, without all the love, support and guidance you so compassionately and knowledgeably share.”

Sue is now giving back to the community and on a one to one basis. 
She gives back because she’s walked the journey.


Debbie Fulton
Alzheimer’s Support Network

In her January, 2020 Ezine, Coach, Author, CSP, and CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame member, Mikki Williams, featured her review of Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey.

Her review began with a quote from my book:
“Massive acceptance awakens me to the potential of my experience. Radical presence gives me clarity in the fullness of my experience.”

Mikki’s review states: “That beautiful, inspiring, contemplative quote was created by my cherished friend, Sue Ryan, truly one of the kindest persons on this earth. To be in Sue’s presence is to be blessed and inspired by the generosity of her spirit and by the manner in which she chooses to live her life. She wrote this book in the spirit of sharing her love and her truth.

Although Sue’s journey is grounded in her experiences with her Dad and her husband and Alzheimer’s, it is a book for us all. I was the sole care giver to my Mom in her late years, who was joyfully blessed with a very sharp mind till her passing…, just a failing body. One of the most challenging times of my life, yet one of the most rewarding. For most of us, we are or will be or have been care givers and this book is a soulful journey into all the feelings and thoughts experienced at the varied stages of this role. I encourage EVERYONE to read this book, to be inspired and to give it as a gift to ANYONE. It is simply timeless!”

Let’s Navigate Our Positive Caregiving Journey Together!

I’ll Send you 4 Tips to Help You Positively Navigate the Elephants in the Caregiving Room


Tip 1 - Embrace our unique perspectives so we live authentically from them.


Tip 3 - Break things down into manageable pieces to eliminate overwhelm.


Tip 2 - Evaluate our beliefs to make sure they still serve us.


Tip 4 - Manage important conversations and relationships so they help, rather than, hinder us.

Speaker, Coach, Author

As a passionate communicator, I provide keynotes, workshops, individual, family, and group coaching. Combined with great respect and deep compassion for our journeys, I share the many lessons, blessings, stories, tips and tricks I’ve learned along our journeys.

I don’t offer medical advice.
I am not certified in any form of treatment.
I continuously gather information and share references to complement your research.

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Massive acceptance awakens me to the potential of my experience.
Radical presence gives me clarity in the fullness of my experience.

~ Susan J. Ryan